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Monday, March 30, 2015

Just Released: The Hot Wheels Porsche Series is now out in Europe...

Porsche lovers they will be here soon...

One of our readers in Spain emailed us this weekend to let us know that he found the highly-anticipated Porsche Series in one of his local stores, then we found them all listed on eBay from a seller in Portugal.

The series will be hitting Walmarts in the US a little later this year, but it seems appropriate that they are showing in Europe first.  And thanks to the eBay seller and our reader Fernando from Spain, we have pics.  And these look good:

First Look: Hot Wheels RLC Exclusive BRE Datsun 240Z...

Get your keyboard fingers and your mouse-maneuvering wrist ready.  The Hot Wheels RLC Datsun 240Z goes on sale tomorrow at 9 AM Western Time.  And it is looking very likely that this will follow in the BRE 510's footsteps and become wildly popular.

Now we normally would say "follow in the 510's footsteps and sell out in seconds", but that is not the case.  The 240Z might, but when looking at ebay prices on the RLC BRE 510, it may be a bit of a surprise to know that the 510 took at least 4-5 hours to sell out.  It did sell out that same day, but not right away like some of the other more popular RLC models.

Oh, how times have changed.  Everyone and their mother is JDM obsessed, Datsun Wagon trolling pics are all the rage on Instagram, and now the BRE 510 has become one of the hottest RLC cars ever.  So of course Hot Wheels is taking advantage and giving the 510 BRE a friend.  And with it going on sale tomorrow, collectors are getting ready to pounce.

Which they should.  The model is a stunner.  That classic red, white, and blue livery, enhanced in spectraflame, done up exactly the same way as the 510, Morton's 46 and all.  And while collectors in my camp would love to see real riders on this one, the Neo wheels don't bother at all, especially when they match the 510.

So yeah, this will sell out.  And for those lucky enough to secure one, it will be shipped this week.  It has been a rough year for RLC members.  Massive delays, no membership cars shipped a year after they were purchased, models being previewed and then never being listed, and on and on.

Thankfully, it appears those days are over.  The guys at Mattel made it clear during their presentation at the Nationals convention this weekend that the production issues they were encountering are now behind them, and models will only be listed when they are ready to ship.

And that means those of us who kept are membership are in for a treat.  Not only the BRE 240Z tomorrow, but later this year the Shelby Toyota 2000GT, the '83 Silverado 4x4, the Candy Striper '55 Gasser, and that Gulf Porsche 993 that was just previewed.  Hot damn that's a nice lineup.

So here it is, the model we hope you RLC members will be able to secure tomorrow.  It's worth every penny...

Hot Wheels RLC Exclusive BRE Datsun 240Z:

Saturday, March 28, 2015

From HW Nationals: '96 Nissan 180SX Type X, RLC GULF Porsche 993, and the rest of the Hot Wheels upcoming models presentation...

There is a lot to report from our time here in Kentucky at Hot Wheels Nationals, and we will give a full report next week.  But because we want our readers to know, and because I have a 6 am flight, we will forgo all the jibber jabber and just get to the pics from tonight's presentation from Mattel.

First off we apologize for the pics.  It is what the iPhone and my location in the room would allow.  But you get the idea I hope.

28 Models were unveiled tonight, and while there were many that caught our attention, three definitely stood out:

2015 New Models '96 Nissan 180SX Type X:

This one is a mind-blower.  Completely unexpected (it was not included in the unveiling of the 2015 lineup), and insanely exciting.  Japan's equivalent to the 240SX Fastback here in the US was designed by Dimitry Shakhmatov, and will be out in late summer/early fall.  More on this in a future post, but wow.  WOW!

2. Heritage Redline Nissan Skyline H/T 2000GT-X:

The Hakosuka looks like a perfect mixture of a nostalgic Japanese car AND a nostalgic Hot Wheels.  It looks fantastic.

3. RLC Exclusive Porsche 993 GT2 in Gulf livery:

No explanation needed.

While these three may not have gotten the response from the audience here in Kentucky that they might get in Southern California or Japan, there is no doubt they will get a chunk of the collecting world giddy.

And there were plenty of other models to look forward to.  Here they all are (and again, sorry for the quality of the photos):

2015 Basic:


Retro Entertainment:

Pop Culture - Marvel (Pop Culture Star Wars was also announced, but not previewed):