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Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Ferrari Racers: The Hot Wheels' predecessor to the Speed Machines...

We got a lot of feedback on last week's feature on the defunct Hot Wheels Speed Machines line.  The consensus was that this line would be very popular today, the comolds look awesome, and that Hot Wheels should do something along these lines again.

We agree.

The Speed Machines was a tremendous line, and the cars seem to get better with age.  It is interesting to think what the Speed Machines lineup would look like today if it continued.  Honda S2000? Pagani Huayra, a Skyline or two, and surely another slew of Ferraris, from the 458 to FF to F12 and LaFerrari.

Ferrari and Hot Wheels have been hand-in-hand for years, and we hope that relationship continues in some shape or form.  But if it doesn't, we have plenty to look back on fondly.  One such thing is the Ferrari Racer line.

We at Lamley don't know too much about the line, other than some models were worldwide-only, and never saw US shores.  Others hung on pegs for months and years.  We had to acquire a few from overseas sellers.

What we can assume is the Ferrari Racer line inspired the Speed Machines.  It is all there.  Many modern castings, all with extra tampos, all with comolds, and all looking really sharp.

There are some real gems in the line, most of which we don't have.  But we decided to show what we do have, and we think a few of you might really like these.  And if you do, you should see  what is available at ebay.

Hot Wheels Ferrari Racers:

Monday, October 20, 2014

From the Lamley Tomica Limited Vintage Collection: LV-86a Porsche 911S -1967...

Ok I am going to get a bit addicted to these "From the Lamley TLV Collection".  It might be a personal indulgence, but shooting photos of these beauties is a joy.  So whether you like TLV or not, you are going to see a lot more TLV.

And as it is with these posts, little text, lots of photos.

So let's move away a bit, just for a second, from Japanese cars and go Porsche.  There is nothing better than a 911, and in the 911 there is nothing better than a 60's 911.  You can't look at this model and not fall in love.  So go ahead, fall in love.

We are going only with the silver 911S for this post, and will save the others for future posts.  Hard to pick a favorite, so we have all of them.

And if you want it, we made sure it is available at Japan Booster.  Have at it...

Tomica Limited Vintage Porsche 911S -1967